With a bit of stencilling savvy and a slick of dramatic dark blue, you can create a graphic world map to inspire you to start planning your next trip abroad.

You need:

Paint: Plascon Cashmere in Landing (EC 67) and Plascon Double Velvet in Moody Blue (EC 108).

Other: Paint roller, overhead projector, transparency sheet,

pencil, artist’s brushes in fine, medium and large sizes, 25 mm paintbrush, mounting card, craft knife and masking tape.

Time needed: One day.

The prep: Wash the walls using a sugar soap solution and allow to dry. Paint with two coats of Landing. Copy a map image onto a transparency sheet and project it onto the wall using an overhead projector. Trace the lines of the map on the wall with a pencil. Trace inspirational words in the font of your choice onto mounting cards, then cut out using a craft knife.

Step 1: Using a fine artist’s brush, paint the outlines of the map in Moody Blue. Using the 25 mm paintbrush, fill in the outlines with two coats of Moody Blue.

Step 2: Attach the word stencils to the wall with masking tape. Dip an artist’s brush into the Moody Blue paint, dab excess paint onto newspaper and apply the remaining paint over the stencil in a stippling motion.

Step 3: Using a fine artist’s brush, carefully go over the letters in another coat of Moody Blue

Photographs - Sally Chance

Production - Sumien Brink

Paint effects - Tarryn-Lee.

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